I want to transport you to this time, the smell of that tea, the sight of the winged bullet flying toward me while I worked, just a streak of red, and then its orange-beaked partner.

I want to apologize for the window panes and screens in the case of the last photos, but I'll stop myself. Because an easy alternative would have been a wall, and if that were so, I wouldn't have had any idea they were there beside me.

I want to thank you, universe—for windows.


  1. nice cups of tea are the best in winter!

  2. I really love this post. And I love seeing cardinal couples together. I always know that if I see a red cardinal, its orange-beaked partner is not far away. They seem to always travel with each other. I also love the way tea looks through a clear mug.

    P.S. Sorry for using the word 'love' so many times, haha. It's a lovely post, what can I say? :-) x