and that is a pleasure

This is a letterpress print i did last summer at a studio in London. I came across the John Cage quote one afternoon as i was browsing at the British Library, and found it quite fitting for my life at the time (and, in retrospect: for life in general).

Have a great weekend, everyone! Oh, and speaking of the weekend—and getting nowhere—I'd love to spend a lazy afternoon creating and photographing my own versions of these.


a lovely flock

My boyfriend is the master of folding paper cranes. Two years ago, for a Christmas gift, he filled a vintage Polaroid box with tons of them--some as small as my pinky nail. I went off to London a week later and turned the collection into a mobile, which hung above my desk as i took my six-month stab at art school (below: forgive my curtains).

The tiny birds have since been lost and scattered, so i need to commission a new flock. This time i might request them in all-white, or white tones. I love the cascading look of the mobile in the first image, photographed by Todd Selby. But, most of all, I love that someone (special, perhaps) took all of the time to make each and every crease.


i want:

these opening ceremony clog boots. if i had the legs for it, i'd wear them with a mini dress; since i don't, i'll opt for cropped trousers and a shear shirt. did i mention that all of this is completely hypothetical?

who can help me out?


a wedding on my mind

Not mine, guys.

I've been asked by a friend's sister to design her wedding programs, menus, and perhaps some other paper goods. and i'm thinking something classic and maybe a bit nautical for this seattle affair. i love the handmade aesthetic of these invites. and, oh, that stamp! I predict a trip to Paper Source in my near future--i mean it's "research" for my upcoming project, right?

rio grande

vacationing can be tricky. no matter how badly you want to be the off-the-beaten path traveler--you know, the one cavorting and blending in with all of the locals--you're, nonetheless, a tourist. however, every once in a while you come across a real gem, and i found one of those tonight.

on our way through the small town of kanab, utah, we saw a sign advertising $2 westerns on mondays and couldn't resist (well, i couldn't, so my family tagged along).

walking in, we were greeted by an old woman named paula wearing haphazardly-applied pink lipstick. my mom had joked that the popcorn would probably cost five times more than the movie, but paula pointed to the concession menu where everything was a dollar, not to mention the decaf coffee and cookies included in our admission price (hehe). i asked what film was showing and she answered, "i don't know. we thought we'd take a vote. which one do you want to see?" she laid out four dvds and i picked rio grande. then, she proceeded to tell me, "60-some-odd years ago, i had a drama teacher who told me john wayne couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. i agree."

well, i might agree too. he may only really play one character, but that doesn't make him any less fun to watch on screen. and what about maureen o'hara? look at that face!

it was a lovely film, a lovely night, and a lovely vacation memory.


travels out west

once again this summer, i'll be road tripping out west. however, this time it'll be to utah instead of montana (that means plenty of time passing through the always-beautiful and hopefully-mild-weathered colorado). i had planned on reading the first two books during my previous trip, but i tend to get a tad distracted looking out the window (yes, i sometimes get called "spacey." pssh). we'll see!

as for "lonesome dove," i was given it as a gift a few years ago. i never got around to really looking it over until today and i saw that the chicago tribune once wrote:
it has been a long time since i have been annoyed at a writer as i was with mcmurtry for bringing his story to a close after a mere 843 pages. he could have doubled it without any diminishment of power and pleasure. it is, yes, just that good. it is, absolutely, that much fun to read. . . . superb.
 intrigued? me too!


two months ago, i . . .

was eating pb&j with my best friend in the badlands . . .

getting close to a shedding buffalo . . .

camping alongside a river, during a storm . . .

drying wet sleeping bags, as a result of said-storm . . .

not learning my lesson about camping waterside . . .

but enjoying fabulous fish tacos cooked over the campfire . . .

getting (way too) close to a young elk . . .

and some directions & advice from a new friend . . .

finally ending the next day on the moon, or was it yellowstone?


summer to-do

I'm making a list of resolutions--a reoccurring joy in my life--for july and my summer as a whole. I think this image from Design*Sponge (it's Nikole of the beautiful, but constantly-sold-out, Herriott Grace's home) represents the generally laid-back, sun-ridden mood i'm going for. 
As of now, my summer to-do:
1/ take photographs...daily

2/ make my own yoghurt

3/ brew a batch of sun tea

4/ win something

5/ have THRIVING herb plants

6/ do yoga (at least) 3 times a week

7/ read a-book-a-week (ambitious, i know!)

8/ spice up my spice rack

9/ make my new bedroom "light & airy"

10/ find 2nd (3rd, 4th...) job
11/ meet my new nephew, Parker
12/ and, blog regularly

Attainable--oui ou non?