My last hoorah for summer and then I'll give in. The days are becoming uncomfortable if spent without a coat and scarf, but the air feels cold and clean and I'll learn how to layer again. I'll remember how to retreat to my apartment or a nearby cafe, to wear thick socks and read a little more, work a little less. I want to practice my sewing and knitting, and after being asked last night if I was an "artist," get out my drawing pad and charcoal.

I'll also get my light meter fixed. Or Sam will.

Abilene, KS // August 2011


If you have a minute, please read this short articleso inspiring. I like: " . . . my biggest revelation in terms of self-sufficiency is this: It is no big deal. You can tell yourself anything is too difficult, or you can just do it." You can just do it. Happy weekend, my friends!

(Photo taken in Louisville // May 2011)


Molly (the brunette) and I attended the Design*Sponge Craft Event and Book Signing on Tuesday night. (We made custom wax seals! With wood burning tools!) Oh, there was just so much giggling going on.

Photos courtesy of Design*Sponge + Avery House + Smilebooth


It was a trip of sunrises and sunsets. We got up early in the mornings to watch the fog rise above the mountains that were mine for a few days. Ashlee joked—in the same way that Sam does—about how dramatic I was being, but I couldn't help but feel six inches off the ground with the heaviest of hearts as an anchor. It was the mountains who were being dramatic.

We rolled the windows down for our final car ride and ended the trip feeling exhausted and ready for our respective homes.

Then, we called each other a couple hours later to catch up.


A few photos from a few days. I'm typing this in Louisville, preparing to set off on a four-day, eight-state Smoky Mountain road trip with Ashlee. (We're seasoned travel buddies.) I live for adventures like this: a hint of a plan, but freedom to follow any whim. If all goes as planned, I'll be back next week with a full suitcase, plenty of photos, and dear little memories.


Samuel and I went to the Opening Night Gala performance at the opera on Saturday. We dressed up, drank champagne, and stood over the balcony to watch all of the fancies below. (You can see a glimpse of Sam here; I wore a faux fur cape, black silk dress, and carried around opera glasses that his granny gave us.)

The images are mostly dark and vague, with a spot on the lens, but I hope you can still see the magic.


Three for today: drying flowers, chocolate chip cookies, and a work-in-progress bedroom (We've talked about painting it, something like this or this).

I finally hung my bird feeder in the three-story pine tree out our front windows. I had to take out the panes, lean over the ledge, hook the feeder with a broom stick, and "delicately" drape it over a fork in one of the branches. (I was just all a mess of arms and legs, hanging out of the building.) Since the windows were out, I sat there with a pumpkin ale until the sun set.

Birds! Come tomorrow!