Peas from my garden and flowers from my alley, but it's not July anymore.

It's August and I'm going a few places I've never been. I'll be back to my garden in a couple of weeks.


The man at the used bookstore told me: "Some people love her and some people hate her." Then, Sam cracked a joke about buying books you dislike for people you dislike. The old man liked that idea, and Sam felt proud.


We're going camping in Wisconsin this weekend. I'm always overzealous with vacation reading, usually only making it through a couple chapters and somehow coming home with new books.

Have you read anything worth recommending lately? Have you read either of the two above? I'd love to hear.

Now, into the wild.


I woke up at 5:55, liking the rhythm of those numbers the night before when setting my alarm, thinking: this is going to be my new thing.

I hope it's my new thing.


Let's all sit down, putting our hands together in front of our hearts. We'll take a deep breath in through our noses and then a loud exhale. Inhale again. Now exhale.