Sam picked up my Tartine Bread book a couple of weeks ago and has been in the kitchen ever since, not that I'm complaining, although I think I am. Bread and eggs, bread and jam, and I think there's a pizza in our near future—it's all delicious. This weekend is packed with projects but I've been setting some time aside for Kinfolk Vol. 2, The Travel Almanac, and a biography I'm currently reading. Also arriving in the mail: another Fieldguided tote, but this time for a friend's birthday gift. (Anabela and Geoff's packaging is a complete dream.)

Wishing y'all a happy Sunday. We're renting a car for a few hours of big errands. It always feels good to be on four wheels after so many years without them.


It snowed from Friday to Saturday last week, so much that the museum closed early and my five minute walk home from the train took fifteen. So bright and reflective that it gave off the appearance of an endless dusk, I took my camera out.

The sidewalks are cleaner now, but the rest of the snow . . . patiently . . . sits. With a twist of the mind winter turns from a mess to a retreat.


We went skiing with my family last weekend and then spent a couple of days in Denver afterward. All my life, I'll never get over MOUNTAINS.


I've been listening to this record so much lately. If I can get myself up at 6 AM, I sit in the front room with Sam, drinking coffee in the dark and looking out the windows as the sun rises. There's no stunning horizon, just a gradual change in light . . . until . . . there it is—my day. With the right music, this experience easily brings tears to my eyes.

Land I can see for miles, with only the wind whispering . . .
Oh, if you knew what it meant to me . . .

Dark Dark Dark - Daydreaming


Despite my constant wanderlusting, the best of the best days are often found in my own backyard. I'll keep yesterday as a memory to pull from my head when life's feeling too hectic and unrelenting, as a place where things are slow and sunny, loving and enjoyable.

Flowers, brunch, a documentary, books, records, and long walks—how Saturdays should always be.


My year began and ended with champagne, with my nephew and family, and friends and old roommates' cats in between. These are the photos that I don't often share—the ones that are about capturing a moment more than a beautiful frame, although I'd like the two to meld more in 2012. It's not edited or fancy, or even especially beautiful, but it was my 2011 (and that makes me smile).

A note from last year's version:
Holding down the arrow key in iPhoto, and watching my (documented) past fly by, I had the idea of making a sweet little video. It's somewhat of a slideshow, and a stop motion at times, but let's call it—a movie.

Soundtrack: Your Love is Calling My Name by The War on Drugs


I got up and went for a run and Sam cooked loaded nachos, making each chip its own entity layered with toppings and broiled. I thought about the future and the year, and finalized my goals and started off life in my newest Moleskine. Not much of a "resolution" sort of person, but I'm easily excited by goals, and changes, and starting off fresh.

So, here they are! (and over on my sidebar): my 2012 goals.