It's amazing what you can grow in a space of 22 square feet. Can I confess that I left all of those radishes to wilt while I was gone for a week? Some things are perfect; some things aren't.

Bass Harbor and its tide pools, and its sunburns.


The five of us went on a 22-mile bike ride along the carriage roads of Acadia National Park, stopping at Jordan Pond House midway for lobster bisque, popovers, and lemonade.

Sam, can you believe how it smells here? This most amazing smell.


Samuel putting together a wildflower bouquet for his momma and a tiny shop to buy cookies, after I finally made it to Maine. My 8 p.m. flight from Boston, via New York, was canceled due to fog. In a panic—none of us wanting to miss precious time in Maine—I pitched in for a rental car with four strangers.

Roz is English and lives on her coffee plantation/cattle ranch in Costa Rica; she doesn't drink coffee or eat meat. Marsha teaches at a private girls school in Fort Worth; botany is her passion. Molly is traveling around the country for three months; she studied languages in college, but is moving to London to study physical therapy. The Irish lad—Molly's boyfriend—I never got his name, but he lives in Manhattan and was the butt of all of our which-one-of-us-is-a-serial-killer jokes, driving through rural Maine at 2 a.m.

I was the first to be dropped off, and each one of them got out of the car to hug me goodbye—friendships develop quickly with five strangers, five hours, in the night.


The wedding of our friends Michael and Kathryn—for which I made the paper goods—just outside of Woodstock, NY, captured in a few snapshots. (This does not include what you would have seen around 2 a.m.: dancing around a bonfire to filthy hip-hop music, an empty bottle of champagne in one hand and a half-smoked cigar in the other.) We hiked that morning and lunched at the Phoenicia Diner. Then, we continued driving and pulled over to change into our formal clothes on the side of a quiet road, walking down to a stream to wade in the cold water.

Molly took this photo of me applying mascara afterward, as we prepared to leave the water for the ceremony—me and Molly, sirens for the afternoon.


We picked up berries at a roadside stand.

"Can we play a game where we guess what her name was?"

I took the Amtrak to Rochester to spend in a day in Molly's new town, reading on her sofa and touring her workplace and eating dinner on her roof. We rented a car the next day and drove down along one of the Finger Lakes as it rained, clearing up just in time for our arrival at The Graham and Co. in Phoenicia. It was simple, relaxing, and so beautiful.

Plus, they give you a free beer upon arrival.