A broken light meter, everyone. (And cheap film.) But—if going on two years proves anything—I don't mind.



So, this is where my boyfriend goes . . . to work.


sunday morning

I bought a package of beautiful tea towels when I stopped in Indianapolis, on my way back from Kentucky last weekend. The tray is thrifted but never felt "warm" enough to me, until accented with one of my new purchases and un pain au chocolat and tea from the bakery down the street. Every time I bite into one of these flaky masterpieces I start reminiscing about my time in France, when I started each and every morning with a pastry and a shot of espresso. Usually being after I had stayed out too late and failed to study for one of my French examens, but nonetheless—only sweet little memories.


kentucky derby

My best friend visited last week and drove me back to Kentucky with her for the Derby. We ate junk food on the road while listening to classic country music and watchin' the pretty green Midwest fly by. We went to the happiest little brunch cafe (twice!), drank delicious beer in an old church, and watched stupid movies. Then, it rained . . . until the sun came out and gave me some long overdue freckles. So, we drank mint juleps, wore big floppy hats, and watched the horses until it was already the next day and time to picnic before my bus ride back to Chicago. I re-read the Great Gatsby until the sun set, mmm, and called it a beautiful weekend.


little package

I received the best little package from the lovely Hermine, my blog friend from Belgium. It was filled with tiny scraps of fabric, a feather, courgette and pumpkin seeds, and lovely notes and photographs. She's so talented and keeps a beautiful record of her day-to-day here. Blogging is so nice in that you are "surrounded" by such like-minded and inspiring people, even though they're half a world away; I love my little community of blogs.

If anyone would like to send mail or receive something in return, feel free to drop me a comment or email with your mailing address. I'll send you something beautiful! Promise.

(Thank you, Hermine! I'm putting yours in the mail this week.)

new things

I've been buying some new things lately that make me oh-so-happy: that bag (that fits everything, including my cameras), that summer dress, those flowers, and, not pictured, this food processor.