I haven't been using this space lately because I've been so busy out there, using that space. Out there in the garden, out there at the beach, out there on my bike, on my feet.

I'll be back, in time.

On another note—but still that of summer—I made the peanut butter and honey variant of this tonight, and it was delicious.


I give you another in a series of messes, this time taken at dusk. Sam's bringing home my favorite green curry and we'll spend the evening tidying, preparing for Ashlee's visit tomorrow—we're going to a couple ball games and then I'm traveling back to Louisville with her for the weekend.

If you'd like to follow along, I've started—like, yesterday—instagramming @jessicakleoppel, much to my friends' approval. I'm plunging back into the world of social media, hoping to find a happy medium of connection and inspiration instead of feeling overwhelmed and shutting it all down. (The constant desire for or dependence on new content is a scary feeling for me and one I'd like to avoid.)

How do you find the balance? Suggestions and insight are very welcome.