I'm drinking coffee and listening to country music at 10 p.m. Ally took this photo when it was warm and I didn't need caffeine to work into the night. I pine, I pine, for those times.

But the coffee's good, and I never tire of songs about drinking and heartache.


Some perspective:
And as soon as the mountains were built, they began, just as ineluctably, to wear away. For all their seeming permanence, mountains are exceedingly transitory features. . . . Right now the Appalachians are shrinking on average by 0.03 millimeters per year. They have gone through this cycle at least twice, possibly more—rising to awesome heights, eroding away to nothingness, rising again . . .   
–Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods


Instead of trying to get over it, maybe we should just embrace it. Feel what needs to be felt. Buy lunch out without feeling guilty. Pour a drink when you walk in the door. Take pity on yourself, sad little human.

Tomorrow may or may not be better, but at least it will be different.