A post about Sam and he's not even pictured. Well, he turned 24 sometime after 8 a.m. today, which probably put him halfway through his snowy bike ride to work. I try to avoid meat for a few reasons, but I got up early this morning and cooked Quiche Lorraine and breakfast sausage—does that tell you how I feel about him?

Happy birthday, darlin'.


We visited Madison, WI, for a short 36 hours over the weekend, drinking beer and eating cheese fried in every way. The weather was cold enough to keep a lake frozen but warm enough to eat ice cream cones while walking across it—both of which we did. Salads and tea for the rest of the week.


We rode out to Michigan with some friends yesterday for brunch at a new friend's farmhouse, a long snow hike, antiquing, and eventually drinks and dinner (in that order). Too sunny for my digital camera—and, man, am I missing my Pentax whose shutter keeps sticking—but you get the idea. I couldn't have thought up a better day.


Of course I buy bulbs in anticipation of the colors they're famous for unfolding, but I'm never ready—not for the first peak of pigment, not for the layers of petals, not for the unavoidable wilting. Life happens so quickly, but sitting here in the early dark, drinking coffee and listening to the birds out front, it feels more my pace.

Wishing you a slow and steady Tuesday morning. (I can't help but think of this one in Tennessee.)


Light and linen, hopefully turning into curtains in a week or two. (Reminds me of this.)

Happy weekend! I'll see you soon.