I've taken a cue from Deborah Madison and started making sage tea a few times a week. Rub six (or so) sage leaves between your fingers to release the oils. Then, steep the herb in a cup of near-boiling water for 15 minutes.

READING: The Goldfinch and The Lover
WATCHING: Kubrick's entire filmography (slowly) with Sam
LISTENING: The War on Drugs's new single
COOKING: The Canal House's Japanese-inspired breakfasts from Bon Appetit

I'm going to turn the music up, light a candle, pour a glass of port—celebrate this January darkness. Happy Sunday.


I walked the length of the High Line, north to south, on a day last November. It's interesting to be elevated in a natural setting, over an urban setting—rather than the opposite, which I experience almost every day.


My nephew visited just before the holidays. He loved helping, which was very adorable and unhelpful.


I'm here and you're here and it's 2014. I can feel my feet grounded on the floor and the blood in my hands. It's dark and cold, but we're alive! We made it.

Overall, this year is about the ritual for me, about cherishing this strange existence.

I love you all. Happy new year.

2014 GOALS

• develop a daily yoga practice
• the same for a meditation practice
• read 50 books
• post more thoughts and photos
• attend a cultural event at least once a week
• take better advantage of seasonal produce
• start backpacking
• more water; more salads
• make my office a peaceful place to work
• put a little more effort into my appearance

• wine
• mythology
• composting
• aromatherapy + herbalism
• classical music

• be more thoughtful with my friends and family
• keep ahead of my workload
• be rational about my stresses—let go, love
• put more emphasis on—and create more beneficial—daily rituals