I give you another in a series of messes, this time taken at dusk. Sam's bringing home my favorite green curry and we'll spend the evening tidying, preparing for Ashlee's visit tomorrow—we're going to a couple ball games and then I'm traveling back to Louisville with her for the weekend.

If you'd like to follow along, I've started—like, yesterday—instagramming @jessicakleoppel, much to my friends' approval. I'm plunging back into the world of social media, hoping to find a happy medium of connection and inspiration instead of feeling overwhelmed and shutting it all down. (The constant desire for or dependence on new content is a scary feeling for me and one I'd like to avoid.)

How do you find the balance? Suggestions and insight are very welcome.


  1. yay, following you now!

    i think it's a tough one to be honest. I've been super lazy with my blog, i just found myself struggling to keep up with it and i wasn't positive about it anymore. Still figuring out what to do there.

    I think you just have to make sure you're enjoying it and focus on the inspiration part and not the overwhelming part. It should be fun, not stressful!

  2. I love instagram, I'm following you now too.

    I think finding balance is remembering everyone does it differently and not putting too much pressure on yourself or your content and enjoy it rather than doing it because you feel you have to.

  3. I totally agree. Looking for content when there's none feels like pressure to me too. I then try to focus on the little lovely things, I tend to forget in hectic daily life. That's why I started a digital diary. Keeping it simple. I wish you a wonderful time with your friend!

  4. i try to relegate certain times/day to check email, blogs, etc. and then shut down my computer! i don't have a smartphone, so i don't have 24/7 access to everything, which is sometimes great, sometimes frustrating.

  5. (En français ^^) : Je viens seulement de découvrir ton blog et c'est un pur enchantement, une source d'inspiration. Je me suis abonnée à ton compte Instagram et aussi Pinterest.

  6. Oh - I don't think I find the balance. I push and pull, subscribe and unsubscribe, follow and unfollow. Socializing, online and real life, is a constant tug-of-war with me. But, I'm very happy you're on Instagram!