sunday morning

I bought a package of beautiful tea towels when I stopped in Indianapolis, on my way back from Kentucky last weekend. The tray is thrifted but never felt "warm" enough to me, until accented with one of my new purchases and un pain au chocolat and tea from the bakery down the street. Every time I bite into one of these flaky masterpieces I start reminiscing about my time in France, when I started each and every morning with a pastry and a shot of espresso. Usually being after I had stayed out too late and failed to study for one of my French examens, but nonetheless—only sweet little memories.


  1. Oh, it's 10:28 in the morning, and I hadnt't breakfest until now...so it's hard seeing all these beautiful arranged sweets, and it's like smelling the tea....I'm getting really hungry now, and will make me a teapot now :D AND the teatowels llok so organic and natural! NICE!

  2. your new teatowels look very nice and also your breakfast looks good, wish I could eat un pain au chocolat.

  3. Gorgeous shots.Those teatowels are divine. x