The wedding of our friends Michael and Kathryn—for which I made the paper goods—just outside of Woodstock, NY, captured in a few snapshots. (This does not include what you would have seen around 2 a.m.: dancing around a bonfire to filthy hip-hop music, an empty bottle of champagne in one hand and a half-smoked cigar in the other.) We hiked that morning and lunched at the Phoenicia Diner. Then, we continued driving and pulled over to change into our formal clothes on the side of a quiet road, walking down to a stream to wade in the cold water.

Molly took this photo of me applying mascara afterward, as we prepared to leave the water for the ceremony—me and Molly, sirens for the afternoon.

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  1. Wow. Lovely place for the wedding! :) Congratulations to your friends!