I got up and went for a run and Sam cooked loaded nachos, making each chip its own entity layered with toppings and broiled. I thought about the future and the year, and finalized my goals and started off life in my newest Moleskine. Not much of a "resolution" sort of person, but I'm easily excited by goals, and changes, and starting off fresh.

So, here they are! (and over on my sidebar): my 2012 goals.


  1. Oh, those toothbrushes! So great. This seems like the perfect start to the new year. I love your goals also, I have so many of the same! Hope it's a good one for you!

  2. good luck with your goals for 2012, have a wonderful year!

  3. Happy 2012, hopefully you can make your dreams come true. I also love to start a new Moleskine, it always feels like a new start. (Oh, and I love your new toothbrushes. So lovely)

  4. where can i find these toothbrushes??

    1. I found them at an apothecary near my apartment. Looks like they also have an online shop: http://www.smallflower.com/izola/months-toothbrush-set-4-toothbrush-10067366

      Hope that's helpful!