If you have a minute, please read this short articleso inspiring. I like: " . . . my biggest revelation in terms of self-sufficiency is this: It is no big deal. You can tell yourself anything is too difficult, or you can just do it." You can just do it. Happy weekend, my friends!

(Photo taken in Louisville // May 2011)


  1. beautiful picture!
    now i'll check the article out :)
    thanks for sharing

  2. will have to check it out. you have a great weekend too!

  3. This totally hit home for me. This last summer I had so many positive experiences with the do-it-yourself aspects of living, and quite frankly, it IS liberating. There really are no rules, and you can do anything that you're willing to work for. Having a garden is such hard work. I know, because I had to weed one growing up-- but I'll never forget dinners of freshly picked steamed corn and baked potatoes with chives grown right off our porch. It's the pinnacle of romance.