Three for today: drying flowers, chocolate chip cookies, and a work-in-progress bedroom (We've talked about painting it, something like this or this).

I finally hung my bird feeder in the three-story pine tree out our front windows. I had to take out the panes, lean over the ledge, hook the feeder with a broom stick, and "delicately" drape it over a fork in one of the branches. (I was just all a mess of arms and legs, hanging out of the building.) Since the windows were out, I sat there with a pumpkin ale until the sun set.

Birds! Come tomorrow!


  1. jessica, thank you for your sweet message.
    I used to enjoy bird feeder on my window too. it was so nice to see birds come eat every day. Hope you will have lovely birds to come soon.
    The flower you are drying is very nice blue color. is is sage or lavender?
    have a sweet week.

  2. your bird feeder sounds lovely. I need to get one!

  3. Oh, these pictures are so beautiful. I love those glazen plates for the cookies. So beautiful !

    (Oh, and I prefer the blue/gray colour for the walls in your bedroom !)