travels out west

once again this summer, i'll be road tripping out west. however, this time it'll be to utah instead of montana (that means plenty of time passing through the always-beautiful and hopefully-mild-weathered colorado). i had planned on reading the first two books during my previous trip, but i tend to get a tad distracted looking out the window (yes, i sometimes get called "spacey." pssh). we'll see!

as for "lonesome dove," i was given it as a gift a few years ago. i never got around to really looking it over until today and i saw that the chicago tribune once wrote:
it has been a long time since i have been annoyed at a writer as i was with mcmurtry for bringing his story to a close after a mere 843 pages. he could have doubled it without any diminishment of power and pleasure. it is, yes, just that good. it is, absolutely, that much fun to read. . . . superb.
 intrigued? me too!

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