Have I mentioned how much freedom I feel I've gained from having a vehicle? I only take advantage of it two or three times a month, but it makes things like a last-minute trip to Milwaukee possible, or at least more likely. The idea of an overnight popped into my head as I was getting into bed on a Thursday, so I messaged Sam, knowing he was a couple beers in and my chances were more likely. His exact reply: "This Saturday? Yes!"

Things we did and loved in Milwaukee:

WOODLAND PATTERN BOOK CENTER | beautiful books and broadsides (I was recommended this by a man on staff, with a "Here, you seem like you'd be interested in this," and it's wonderful.)
MITCHELL PARK CONSERVATORY | giant plants growing in giant domes
HONEYPIE | dinner and dessert
BURNHEARTS | Wisconsin beers and a neigborhoody vibe
AT RANDOM | an attempt at late night drinks (but they weren't open, hence the name)
ALTERRA ON THE LAKE | breakfast and coffee in a gorgeous space
MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM | closing and reopening of the Calatrava "wings" at noon
ANTIQUES ON SECOND | three floors of everything
KOPP'S FROZEN CUSTARD | uh . . . frozen custard

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