Valentine's Day was very relaxed here yesterday. Sam becomes nervous at checkout counters, so we ended up with both salmon and a bag of crab legs due to the shouting of the fishmonger. We steamed the crab and dipped it in garlicky butter, which was unbelievable—exactly what I remarked after each bite—and made salad, salmon, and pudding with whipped cream. We danced to records, and laughed; shared little gifts, and watched a couple episodes of Seinfeld. Then, we just chatted for a while, over glasses of water to counteract the (now empty) bottle of port. The whole evening seemed to me like something from a movie, but more flawed . . . and silly . . . and human.

(I don't usually take photos in absence of natural light, but I've been so impressed by life lately that I want to document everything. It's such a curious little thing, I think often, to be living.)


  1. sounds like the perfect day! i had parent-teacher conferences both galentine's and valentine's day until 8 pm! but i was surprised with roses at school and a great care package when i got home! :)

  2. sounds wonderful! my valentine's was spent away from my valentine

  3. How romantic your valentine's day was. I sometimes wish I could have someone to dance with and watch tv shows, eat, drink and etc. :P