I spent a couple of hours in my favorite Chicago secondhand store this week. It amazes me that things can look so mundane in a thrift shop pile, and then take on a new life at home. Finding a use—the perfect use—for something that's been discarded gives me the same satisfaction as creating. I guess because I am creating. I'm creating context.

Bits of this haul: marble trivet and little ceramic pot, textiles, clothing, faux fur cap, and a rug for our snowy boots. (And here's one from last year.)


  1. Jessica, I've been wanting a faux fur hat like that, and I just ordered those Bean boots! :) As always - beautiful pictures! p.s. I'm dying to know what is in that little Kiehl's bottle?

    1. Molly, it's their roll-on scent in Musk. I bought it as a Christmas gift for Sam a couple years ago, but I've started wearing it recently. :) It's clean, subtle, and androgynous—and I'm a sucker for the packaging.