I've made New Year's goals as always, but my mindset has changed in some ways. I still love a challenge, setting specific goals and crossing them off a list—it's a game I play with myself, which I find enjoyable and rewarding. But, in other parts of life, I'm prone to an all-or-nothing sort of attitude, which I don't find enjoyable or rewarding. (I owe a good deal of thanks to my friend Molly for always recognizing the medium between extremes, and pointing it out to me, too.)

So, this year is all about doing the things that make me happy, about making soft progress. Wishing everyone the very best.

2013 GOALS

• run one mile
• cook something
• arrive to work early

• watch a film
• write and mail a letter
• visit a museum or attend a cultural event

• read (at least) three books
• knit or sew something
• stick to a budget and pay extra toward my student loans
• learn a new skill (guitar, crochet, ceramics, etc.)

• camp at least three times
• build a garden plot
• watch Seinfeld beginning to end
• learn more about jazz
• give everything a proper place in our apartment


  1. new routines are the way to go. better than your typical new year's resolutions... good luck with them. and happy new year!!!

  2. I love your goals.
    I'm sure you gonna do all of these.

  3. Love your goals.
    Really like the idea of categorizing them by week, month, and year.
    It's funny that you mentioned having an "all or nothing" attitude. I've realized lately that I have a bad habit of being like that too.
    Once again, I might take a few hints from you with organizing mine. Thanks!

  4. Hi Jessica! My name is Alex and my girlfriend just told me one of your New Year's Resolutions is to learn about Jazz:) That's an AWESOME resolution:) Jazz is very near and dear to me as I'm a full time Jazz Drummer:) Anyways, here are some album's to get you started:
    1) The Gentle Side of John Coltrane (it's a compilation of truly warm and soulful deep deep music...perfect for art making or dinner music or reflecting or yoga or basically anything that is reflective and meditating)
    If you like that, just email me and I'll tell you my other favorite Coltrane albums that are a little more adventurous etc.
    2) Brad Mehldau "Art of the Trio Vol. 3, Song". He has many albums under the art of the trio titling but that album is about as deep as they come....he's alive today and a true pioneer on the scene....incredible artistry in this trio...DEFINITELY check it out:)
    I'll leave it at that for now because there's enough listening in those two albums alone that is warranted:) However, I actually just recorded MY debut album, "Fortunate Action" and I'm always trying to get the word out about that!:) You can check it out at www.alexsnydmanmusic.com if you're interested....I wasn't messaging you just to plug my own stuff but odds are that you might be interested and enjoy it if you like the other two albums:)
    Anyways, I hope you will let me know what you think of the music and HAPPY LISTENING:)

  5. I love your 2013 goals, I should make a list myself!

  6. GO GET IT GIRL, and if you need someone to run a mile (or three) with, holler.

  7. I like these type of goals...especially if they make you happy ;)

  8. Dear Jessica,
    Some time ago I read this post and wanted to write some words to it, but hadn't the time. I totally know the most of your resolutions for 2013 from my own everday life and mine are so similar. This was so nice to read. ^ ^
    And it's so funny and beautiful reading about someones thoughts that are so smiliar of so many other people, girls, women,...
    I feel connected and thank you writing them.

    Greetings from Germany