Grainy film, leaky light, and a hike that took us an entire day—but left my muscles sore for much longer—leaving in the morning and getting back in the dark. I wrote a little before about our trip to visit Molly and Steve (cousins of Sam's mom) in California, but just yesterday had my film developed.

We hiked a couple hours up a wooded path to get to the clearing and the lake seen in the third photo. I don't know if I actually stretched my arms out at its presence or if that only happened in my head. I couldn't believe there was something so flat after going up, up, up for such a time. It felt like a dream, sitting there, eating a packed lunch next to that still, elevated lake. I was elated—and we were only halfway.


  1. This is lovely. It's awesome how you are always going for an adventure. I wish could do this too. :)

  2. This must be so peaceful and serene! I am sure it was worth the sore muscles!

  3. Seems like a great trip! What film did you use that gave you so much grain?

    1. Anne! I'm pretty sure it was Portra 400, but I had a little camera accident which I believe is to blame for the really grainy ones—the door popped open for the briefest second, but nonetheless . . . I was actually surprised that any of the roll came out.