I love to see how other people live. It pulls me back, reflecting on my day-to-day, making me conscious. What makes me happy? What do I find rewarding? Challenging? Important?

After a week in California, I return feeling inspired (to the extent of avoiding sleep, currently), drawing from new sources. And, if this trip was a story—which it was, really—the moral would be one on the importance of conscious living. Every minute deserves the weight of being labeled "a choice."

I am my day. I am the decisions I make. I am how I spend my time.

[A digital shot from Sam until my film's developed.]


  1. I've been cycling through similar thoughts. A beautiful awareness of aloneness, in my case... sometimes the autonomy that brings, sometimes the loneliness... both to be embraced, all of it a choice.

  2. I love this, Jessica. I can read this through and through. I hope you're happy with your choices <3

  3. Gosh, both the photo and the writing are lovely. I too love to see how others live, how they spend their time, etc. It puts things in perspective for myself. I love that last line: "I am my day. I am the decisions I make. I am how I spend my time." So inspiring and motivating!

  4. great shot
    the trees just go on and on and on