I've been turning to my 2012 goals lately, reflecting on the past nine months and getting to work on a few things I've yet to tackle—one of which, until a couple of weeks ago, was to create more of a morning routine. No rush. No set plans. Just a bit of structure that I weave my mornings around.

It's sometimes a tight knit and other times a loose web, but always with similar elements—a hot drink, a bit of exercise, a few pages of a book, breakfast, some tidying. I allow myself the fascination of changing light; I sit there and get goosebumps watching it, thinking about it. I can't believe this happens! Every morning I think: I can't believe this happens.

P.S. Mary Oliver on the morning.

(I used this recipe, above. Next time I'll split the flour, since I found the sole use of whole wheat, in this instance, a little too pungent for my liking.)


  1. You still have a few months for your 2012 goals. Routines for before and after bedtime are very pleasant :)

  2. I like setting away some time for myself in the mornings as well. Mornings are so peaceful--it'd be silly not to take advantage of them and watch the changing light.