We spent the morning at our favorite spot on the river, drinking coffee and giving into a shiver every so often. It's a chilly 54°F outside and I'm enjoying the change. I layered on some denim and these strange mustard-colored knit harem pants, which I found at the thrift store (along with Sam's L.L.Bean wool shirt, above).

Sitting there, with cold ears, Sam and I each described the hat we want to wear this autumn, and it turns out to be the same one—this one, really.

"We can't have the same hat!"

"Well, only one of us knows how to knit."


  1. Ha! I'm pretty sure a pattern for that hat will be easy to find. You can be twins, if you are kind enough to knit two ;).

  2. That sounds like a wonderful morning. And I love that hat, as well as the movie! Wes Anderson is just amazing.

  3. Those cups and the view of the river are so pretty :)