I took a series of Polaroids during a road trip to/through Yellowstone two years ago, and just finally got around to framing and hanging them. They were always beautiful to me, but now they really mean something—those two weeks were two of my best.

Pitching tents in the Iowa dark, Amish picnic lunches in South Dakota, swing dancing into the morning in Wyoming, and then white water rafting in Montana just hours later, up into Canada for 36 hours without sleep, before crossing the North Dakota border and giving into a truck stop nap—all of that hanging there in three little squares beside my front door.

I followed this tutorial for French framing, using this mat cutter and 8" x 10" pre-cut glass and backing.


  1. That's so rad. Sounds like you're trip would have taken you close to my home town in the praries. The Polaroid of the bison is beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Erica. I didn't know that's where you grew up! We went right through the southern bit of the prairies, and the landscape and people reminded me so much of the Midwest. I was naive in thinking that it would have a bit more of a European feel, but it really just felt like home to me.