I used to think of myself as a patient person; I was a patient person. I'm not so much anymore. My personality has changed a lot in the past couple of years, hardened, really, in many of my own ways. I'm usually very prompt now, fairly tight with my finances, and serious about my work. But these changes are welcome, and no one has ever ever accused me of being uptight. (Friends! Imagine? Sam scolded me just the other day for trying to sneak my glass of wine out on an evening walk. "Jessica only follows laws she agrees with." Exactly.)

I share all of this because it brings me to last night. Last night, after multiple failures at finding last year's stockings, I decided I needed to make a new pair—and I needed to make a new pair right then, because that's how I feel these days. Patience is lost, and creative impulse takes hold—and I'm not really talking stockings anymore. There's a certain intensity here, in me, that I've never owned before, something that scares me a little but makes me feel very capable.

Back to the photos: I used some ticking stripe linen I had lying around (seen here and here) and decided the fabric would be better suited to pouches than a sock shape. For a drawstring, then, I sewed in a length of canvas ribbon (from one of these). Also, it should be noted that this is only the second sewing project I've ever finished, and all of my skills—or lack thereof, at this point—come from YouTube tutorials. But, with a little problem solving, I spent no money and received the satisfaction of creating.

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  1. it's really interesting! i have been observing the opposite. i used to be more serious and more impatient, and now i'm becoming more soft and flexible... i wonder maybe if we'll revert back when we get old? :)