Time in the redwoods, from the human perspective, can move so slowly that it seems to spread out until it has the quality of a vista. Placed against the backdrop of redwood time, a human lifetime shrinks into a compressed flicker, and the past, present, and future seem to run together and vanish.
-Richard Preston, The Wild Trees

We vanished for two afternoons and one black night, human time. Although the two photos didn't turn out particularly well, I couldn't help but post the diptych to give you an idea of human-forest scale—do you see us, just specks of people?


  1. Kind of haunting but very beautiful. It must feel very exciting surrounded by nature.

  2. This is amazing! Could you please tell me where this is? I would love to go. (I am sure this is in California, but which park exactly?)

    Thank you :-)

  3. I think that picture of the snail dangling is the best thing I've seen in days.