I traveled to Missouri this weekend and returned back to Chicago this morning. It was a 12-hour bus trip next to a sleepy older lady who kept falling asleep on my shoulder. Cute? Annoying? I couldn't decide.

Anyway, I went straight to work for an incredibly productive few hours, then home, where Sam met me with lunch and some lilies he picked up at the farmers market. We went on a walk, bought some records, a used book, and had coffees at a cafe. I'm beginning to say goodbye to my apartment and—although not as young and "hip"—looking forward to a quieter neighborhood, where I wake to birds, sleep to cicadas, and spend more time with the boy who buys me lattes and lilies.

(Perhaps the cicadas are an exaggeration, but even faint sirens and drunks will be better than my current apartment above a popular bar—although it definitely has its beauty and perks.)

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