million years

My tiny room has been messy from projects, but it looked pretty in Saturday's light. And although I haven't seen much of the sun since Austin, I'm feeling so very hopeful. So very hopeful that I just called Sam to ask, "Hey, when it gets warmer . . . and we both have a day off . . . can we ride our bikes . . . to the park . . . and not have anything to do . . . but find shapes in the clouds . . . "

"Of course we're doing that." In the meantime, this feels awfully sunny, mhmm:

Alexander Ebert—Million Years


  1. Beautiful photos. And beautiful Pentax :)

  2. Super fantastic light! Nr. 3 & 6 are my favourite ones!!!

  3. i think i need those 'success with house plants' books. all of my little plants seem to die on me!

    beautiful photos btw :)