I went home last weekend for my cousin's wedding reception, and my friend's wedding shower. For the shower, I baked lemon madeleines, coconut macaroons, carrot cake whoopie pies, nanaimo bars, sea salt brownies, and pistachio brittle. Also, I got to see my family, my farm, and a few of my favorite people—childhood friends . . . who end up being lifelong friends . . . are the best.

But between traveling, designing (and cutting, scoring, folding, assembling, etc.) invites for my friend's wedding, and preparing for a new exhibition at work, exhaustion has set in. Sometimes I get so caught up with tasks and deadlines, that I have to stop and remind myself: "Hey! You like what you do." And I do.

So, I'll be back on here soon to share some photos of my new sprouts and some other little projects and recipes I'm looking forward to. Have a lovely Easter weekend! Xx.

P.S. The last photo was taken from "Action Hill", overlooking our town's branch of Missouri Farmer's Association, where my dad has worked since he was eighteen. Eighteen, I tell ya.


  1. Those madeleines look divine. x

  2. Wooooohh, so many cute, yummy treasures you baked! Thats real friendship and so much love in them!