I woke up early today, put my hair in a high bun, and conquered quite the to-do list. I've started taking walks on my lunch break now that the weather is so beautiful. It's silly how the most simple things are so peaceful and calming. I watch the people, and the lake, and the leaves trembling above my head.

Oh, tremble—the most beautiful of beautiful words.


  1. I just tried to take a pic to send you, but then remembered I don't have your number and also my bun looks nothing as good as yours, but I'm sitting here reading this right after I just told Ryan of my new love for high buns.

    I did not just tell Ryan this, but I do also appreciate and love conquering to-do lists.

    And walks on lunch breaks.

    But most of all, I'm in complete agreement with tremble being a beauty of a word.