We removed the blinds and bars from all of our apartment's windows to open up the space, but I could never bear to close the Venetians anyway. To some it's a normal task, but to me it's choosing white plastic over trees and birds, and grass and bricks. (Sorry neighbors! I can't do it!) But, I'll miss these little interactions—loops, knots, and tangles, all in tandem.

Sweethearts of blinds.


  1. I hear you on not wanting blinds. I don't mind that others can see into our apartment, and because I have bad migraines, I always need a lot of natural light.

  2. if it were up to me, i'd be doing the same... poor jake has issues with this...

  3. The blind pulls do look like sweethearts in your photos, like little creatures. How delightful to see the interesting in the ordinary.