. . . spent the morning with my coffee and the paper, and the afternoon with Victor in the garden. It was sunny and warm, which was a nice change from all the rain. 

. . . had a doctor's appointment last week for a general physical, just a check-up, but she has me thinking a lot about my mind and my body and how they feed off one another. I would love to learn more about the practice of meditation.

. . . officially canceled my CTA pass, meaning my 15-mile (roundtrip) bike commute is now an everyday thing. It's peaceful and liberating for the most part, using my own energy to get around.

. . . have so much work to do before my next big trip at the end of the month. I'm trying to stay on top of it, but you can catch my heart pounding if you listen closely.

. . . feel happy and proud and fortunate for so many things, but I'm always one for improvement.


  1. i wish i could commute on my bike but alas, it's just that bit too far. awesome that you've made the leap to do it every day!

  2. I want to buy a bike and make a little travel on it.
    Clean up our mind is always a good thing for our body and take care of it, go to run, breath fresh air is so good for our mind.
    I want to clean my flat and put a lot of plants and flowers on it.
    Have a really nice day.

  3. honest words from the heart, you write them so well.
    xo, m

  4. Lovely. I bicycle around most everywhere as well - it is liberating. Coffee and reading the paper sounds like such a peaceful morning routine :)

  5. love it, clovers are my favourite wild flowers !