A different hour of magic.

This was taken a couple weeks ago, when it was still cool enough to have the windows closed. Now I'm sitting here in my underwear, mixing cocktails to ease—or forget—the heat. There's something I like about the battle, about toughing it out, which I'm sure is a result of growing up in a rural town and watching movies and sitcoms played out in NYC.

It seems like something you do when you're young—a naïve thought, maybe, but I don't mind.


  1. Intriguing light. The first photo would make a very nice print.

    Now that you mention it, I am nostalgic about my first summer in Chicago when I had no air conditioning and there was an awful two-week heatwave. This was - yipes - six years ago. I remember spending pretty much every evening on my bed, in front of fan, in my underwear, reading magazines (this was before I had any friends in the city, so there was not much else to do). Good times.

  2. This entry sounds so calm. The weird thing is, I feel relaxed after reading it. Probably your photo. Probably that light. :)

  3. Great shots. makes me feel sleepy.

  4. photographs through a window are my favorite. this one is dreamy!