I came home late last night to find that the pine in front of our apartment had been removed. A crater of loose soil was all that was left, soil that I would normally love to see, imagining what could grow, but now only thinking of what was lost. I stood looking out the window in the dark, crying, looking at the ugly cars with their ugly metal, their ugly shapes.

Goodbye to this view. I'm not a child; I just loved that tree.


  1. This:


  2. "I think that I shall never see
    A Poem lovely as a tree"

    By Alfred Joyce Kilmer

    I, too, love trees


  3. oh nooo not good at all, why did they removed the tree???such a shame....

    1. Lotte, it was getting sick and maybe even in danger of falling limbs. But, I loved it so.

  4. Oh that's so sad. I still look at the gap left by a tree that I didn't think needed to be removed a couple of years ago - I'm the nanna who emailed the council about it to ask why! And a horrible person poisoned the most incredible tree which is currently trying to be saved. It just makes me so sad, that's years and beauty that can't be replaced by a sun shade or some other structure.