I'm having homemade granola and chai this morning, on the floor, where I've been spending more time lately. I'm settled down with the paper for a couple hours and then we're going to walk a few neighborhoods over for the last performance of a play. Maybe I'll roast a chicken tonight, if I can find a good source. Maybe I'll just eat leftover lentils. Maybe I'll continue with my Willa Cather kick. Or, maybe I'll listen to Radiolab instead.

The Chicago wind is the only thing moving quickly today.


  1. I'm pretty sure the floor is where all the best thoughts reside. I'm a big fan of floor sitting.
    And you :)
    muah muah

  2. An happy and lazy sunday : yippee !

  3. I miss reading newspapers and just relax at home. Someday, my days aren't going to be this busy. Someday.. :)

  4. Seems like a great place to sit and read the paper, for sure.