We cut a hand-me-down shelving unit into two pieces: 1/3 for a breakfast table in our front room and 2/3 for a potting bench outside. Our place is very spacious for a Chicago apartment, and, although I value minimalism in others' interiors, I've learned that it's not really what I look for in my space; so, I've been working on creating nooks to make it feel cozier.

Along with that, some other things I've enjoyed this weekend:
• Repotting my plants in large terra cotta
• Sam's family
• Some friends, and Elvis, and the jukebox at the bar up the street
• Simmering leftover lemon peel to make the apartment smell fresh, since my worms can't eat citrus anyway
• Finally watching The Future and Beginners (and I loved reading this interview with Mike Mills)
• My new Karen Walker sunglasses—a birthday splurge
• Gauzy white curtains and a basket, both from the thrift store
One of the sexiest songs


  1. i know what you mean about wanting cozy! my favorite interior photos are ones that actually look lived in!

  2. This is lovely. So, um.. I think we're on the same schedule - I just repotted this weekend too, one of my favorite spring activities.. AND I bought a thrift store basket and posted about it recently!

    Here's the link if you're curious.


    Thanks for making me smile tonight! :)

  3. I admire minimalism too - but also not what I look for. I get nervous if there aren't stacks of books around me! Your images are so beautiful. I want to repot plants in terracotta too!

  4. Your place looks so beautiful to me! Nordic & cozy! Love the basket!

  5. I know what you mean about minimalism and coziness. I love white and windows and plenty of natural light, but I also like to have cozy corners and a soft environment. Your apartment looks great, and like it has a lot of original details that I think help make a place cozy, too.

  6. Ha, that's the same for me. Love these minimalist-clean interiours. But I have stuff everywhere. Think that's me. :-)

    (by the way, I've a new letter for you. Finally. Is your address still the same ?)