Around here today: 

1/ I made sticky buns—do you know how much butter's in brioche? You don't want to—and Sam cooked up eggs, bacon, and potatoes.
2/ Map of the Midwest from the 1890s, when ND and SD were simply "Dakota" and Oklahoma was "Indian Territory."
3/ Gifts and things: nut bowl and vintage ornaments from my mama, movie from my boss, books for/from everyone.
4/ There's a chance you might not be as excited about this as I am. But! Sam got me a vermicomposter. WORMS, guys—can't wait.
5/ Finishing up a project and coveting some extra large needles for a bulky scarf and hat.
6/ Gorgeous.

Sam and I exchanged gifts early this morning since we'll be busy all week before rushing off to see our families. Then, Dan and Maggie came over for breakfast and we all sat around in our pajamas, ate, drank coffee, listened to some records, and read the paper. A lovely and relaxing start, but the pressure's on for this week.


  1. Number 4 made me laugh and I'm curious about how number 5 will turn out. Enjoy the busy week!

  2. ohhh the scarf will look goooorgeous!
    have a good start into the new week :)

  3. Your pics make me dream of a new cozy home.

  4. I found your blog thanks to your feature on Pennyweight. It's absolutely beautiful! You have a new dedicated reader. Those sticky buns look amazing and your knitting is lovely.

  5. I've been meaning to make sticky buns for ages! Might have to try this weekend after seeing this picture. This sounds like just the dreamiest day. Good luck getting through the rest of the week!

    Oh, and Two for the Road is such a great film!

  6. wow, the old map is amazing, simply adore old maps! and the color of the scarf is beautiful, I am sure it will look fabulous!
    merry christmas, just found you blog via pennyweight and really like it!!