Getting everything in order before an early flight tomorrow—dishes, laundry, email, work. We'll be gone for nearly a week and it's nice to return to a clean home, ready for new things and a new year. So, the leftover sweets were taken to work this morning and the needy plants are together for a friend to water. (I wish they could always sit on the dining table like that.)

Don't expect too much of me around here. I'll be someplace where the internet is not as easy to find, and I'm glad for that.

Happy Holidays, friends. I hope you're warm and cozy, and with the people who mean the most. So so much love to you.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

  2. That looks a bit like my place when we leave for holidays :) My plants keep eachother compagny too and it's easy for housesitters!
    Have a good time and happy 2012!!

  3. wish you happy holidays too !
    beautiful plant collection

  4. Happy Holidays! I'll miss your posts :)

    Safe Travels.

  5. Enjoy your holidays! Some time off is healing!

  6. merry christmas and a happy new year my dear. looking forward to see/read u again in 2012 :)