This is such a beautiful time of the year, with so much change and love, and cold and warmth. I always look forward to the giddy feeling, but the month of December repeatedly passes me by. So, I'm making a conscious effort this year to take it slowwwly, really cherish, and participate in projects and activities that I find meaningful.

I put together this Advent calendar after work today for my friend Ashlee who's in Louisville, KY, pushing through another term of grad school—she probably needs more of reminder to slow down than I do. But, after being excited by reading it through I decided I'll also be participating, and you're invited too. (I'll warn you that bits might be a little cheesy, but so are a lot of things we create for the people we love.) Don't go further than the specified day! (You cheaters.) And, feel free to customize by changing location, gender, etc.

Happy December. Cherish it, yea? (If you're having trouble viewing the embedded preview, go here to see it directly. It may take a while to load.)


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog via serendipity, and even though it's after Christmas (and New Year's, goodness!), I just had to tell you how kind and sweet your Advent calendar is! I'm sure the recipient loved it :) Happy 2012!

  3. You are right December is a lovely time of year even here in CA where they say it will be warm. I remember Christmas days in the 80's, oy! I long for snow covered landscapes so I may visit some of the pictures in your blog from time to time but still I love it here. December must be sipped like a fine wine otherwise it goes to fast like a drink of cold water on a hot day. I love your blog, it is like getting to know you. Comfortable, you would make a nice neighbor.