Around here today:

(1) Lula Magazine and Brian Ferry's Quality of Life
(2) it's such a gorgeous little book
(3) newly-framed artwork: Edgar Allen Poe drawing by my friend Caroline and horse print by Paul Ferney
(4) vintage Persian rug from the flea market last weekend—it's worn, and torn, and perfect
(5) hers and his
(6) windows open all day
(7) I swear I made it this morning

The weather was a perfect 60-degrees and the birds sounded so glad. I listened, and made curry, and now there's pumpkin bread in the oven. Ohp! Now there's pumpkin bread outta the oven.


  1. Your place looks so cozy, I am jealous!

  2. I just received mine in the mail too! Brian's work is so pretty.

  3. the rug looks very lovely and all the other things you show are so nice, love it .
    take care

  4. what a lovely set. i just can repeat myself: ur place looks so nice. oh and i LOVE the horse print!