a simple thank you

I had a party in may to celebrate my college graduation. So, of course, here i am, almost three months later, getting around to making the well-deserved thank yous. I wrapped letter stamps together with rubber bands and painted-on and stamped acrylic ink. They're simple, but thoughtful, and i filled each one with a handwritten message (there are few things i find more annoying than generic "meaningful" cards with a signature). And--hey! if it wasn't for these friends and family of mine, I probably wouldn't have been able to do that whole let's-take-a-two-week-roadtrip thing. And boy, was that a thing.
I was recently given this vintage box of stamps, which used to belong to my great-grandmother. I had never seen her use them and wonder what exactly she used them for (an obvious solution: I'll ask!), but you should know that she was/is very much an artist. Her and my great-grandfather--whom i never met, but have heard was more often referred to as "Damnit John!" than anything else--would winter in Brownsville, Texas. they would load up their RV with art supplies and an organ, and while in the south, she would give organ lessons and teach painting classes to all of the other winter Texans.
Maybe that's how i inherited all of my bohemian whims.
P.S. I picked up that fork stamp today :) 

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