metallic deco

The design community is going crazy over Coralie Bickford-Smith's latest project--she's brilliant! As a senior cover designer at Penguin Books, Coralie is absolutely incredible at her job. (I'm sure you've seen these beauts before. Those colors! Those patterns!) 

And to continue with my Flapper-Era infatuation, she just designed this new set of F. Scott Fitzgerald classics. They're sadly, but conveniently (hello, Christmas!), not being released until November, and unavailable in the U.S.; however, you can pre-order and have them shipped from the UK via Waterstones.

Their designs are wonderfully playful, yet systematic, and they would create a lovely display on a bookshelf or nightstand. I think I might play a little game with myself, where I buy one, read it, and buy myself another as a reward for completing the last. See how that works? Hehe, a surefire way to amass the collection.

If you're not finished lusting, read this cute and informative interview.
(All images via Coralie's website)

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