Day 3 of our road trip, as written in a tiny journal on Wednesday, September 3, 2014:
Woke to rain and drove through the East Fjords. Stopped in Djúpivogur (man we met in bar a few days earlier's grandfather's brother was a famous giant and lived there—no sign of him) and a few industrial seaside towns. Decided to cut west from Breiðdalur and the weather changed and the land, too—fertile valley with beautiful dappled sun, large lakes near Egilsstaðir, and then over the mountains to Seyðisfjörður—beautiful! Early afternoon of showers and laundry at a hostel. Coffee at Hotel Aldan, eavesdropping on table of artists-in-residence. Sam spilled espresso on his clean pants and I took photos of the mess. House-made beers next door. Walk around town with buildings reflected in harbor and giant ferry to Europe loading. Dinner and backgammon (and exhibition) at Skaftfell Art Center. Drive back over mountains toward Dettifoss. Light rain, pink sky, rainbow, Mars landscape. Hour-long gravel drive to waterfall. Arrive in darkness but hear the powerful water. A little worried about volcano.
(Höfn → Seyðisfjörður → Dettifoss, Iceland)


  1. Oh so beautiful! Would you recommend going there in September weatherwise? :)

    1. Yes, I definitely would. I would love to visit during the long days of summer (July or August), too, but the tourist season ends on September 1 or September 15 (depends on the business), so we were able to rent everything at a huge price cut and nothing was overwhelmingly crowded. And many of the campgrounds are closed—but still physically open, so we rarely paid to sleep anywhere. The weather's still pretty nice, although it's Iceland, so "pretty nice" means that it will probably rain for at least part of the day. Hope that's helpful!