Ashlee and I continued South, determined to make it to Crater Lake before dark and the Pacific before morning. We pulled over first for a storm and second for a car wreck. Everything flash flooded around us and then the sun came. We drove. I comforted a bleeding stranger on the side of the road and then the ambulance came. We drove.

We arrived at Crater Lake at dusk and then to the ocean just after midnight. My memory of the whole evening is a mix of blue, black, and blood—and Ashlee screaming in fear after turning a corner and seeing her first giant redwood.

Seattle to San Diego  |  August 2013


  1. Hey Jessica!

    I just wanted to let you know that my blog has moved from nowandnowandnow.wordpress.com to kaitmauro.com/category/blog -- I follow yours and I don't know if you ever look at mine but I thought I would let you know... just incase. There isn't much on the blog yet because I decided to delete all the old posts and start with a new leaf, but I'll get writing soon.


  2. these photos are just SO GOOD. what an awe-inspiring trip!