I've taken a month long hiatus from the blog in order to vacation with my family, move into a new apartment (above), read a few books (including this most incredible one), and get a lot of work done. Whew.

I feel very happy in this new place with Sam. Today, I woke up—astonished that we live in a quiet neighborhood—and ran to see if the morning paper'd landed on my doorstep. Sam made coffee and we sat and read and listened to old gospel music on the record player. We rode our bikes to have a rooftop German lunch, then listened to guitar in the park. Half the paper, homemade pizza, a jog, and two episodes of Mad Men later . . . I feel just as happy as when I woke up. Happy Sunday, tout le monde. Life is so sweet here.

P.S. Fudgsicle recipe here.
P.P.S. If you're sending mail my way any time soon, email for my new address!


  1. Oh, your new home looks so beautiful. A place to relax !

  2. love nr. 2 & 4! In picture 2 you caught the right moment..and 4 is so cozy...great apartment and arrangements, windows & seats.:-) and the most sweetest thing is the viny player. so cool that you have one. since two years I am also listing to music through this "his masters voice" :-)


  3. Just Kids, amazing. I read it a few months back, after living quite a tortuous, poor first year and a half in Brooklyn. I'd just started a new job and was literally trekking back and forth on the F train, as Patty did. The studio I work in is a block from Hotel Chelsea, so serendipitous.