half-price mondays


Molly and I made a game plan before this thrifting adventure. My mental list consisted of: chunky knits, pretty beige night things, and pots to grow new plants (so inspired by Lotte). And I followed Alexa Chung's advice, and—very successfully—looked for sweaters in the little boy's section. For only $10, I got everything pictured above, plus the treasure-hunt-satisfaction that is the beauty of thrifting. I'm particularly in love with the soft pink nightgown find. I love the little boobs; they're perfect for my little boobs.

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  1. Seeing this finds, makes me want to go to the thrift store. Love to go to thriftstores to and it's always a nice adventure, I have pots and plates also from the thrift store to brighten up my plants : )
    Enjoy your new finds