the tin

My friend Ashlee read an article over the summer that told the story of two best friends who lived on opposite sides of the country. To supplement now-and-again phone calls, they began sending a metal tin back and forth, filled with little gifts and memories. Ashlee and I share the same fondness for many things: travel, books, adventure, aging, tall tales, surprises, mail and each other.  So, of course we shared excitement when I made the decision to go in search of a tin.

Two weeks and five thrift stores later, I decided to just buy the one I had originally bookmarked on ebay. (And don't be fooled by the $12.95 price tag—I bought it for $2.99 plus shipping.) This first shipment was a "back to school" package of sorts: a nice notebook, an air plant for her desk, my favorite easy-to-make granola, and a watercolor card. We decided that with each package we'll include a card that lists what's included, and the significance of each item. Needless to say, tears have been shed upon reception of this little box.

And I'm happy to share that Ashlee's flying into Chicago tomorrow morning, and I'll get to hand deliver her next package. I couldn't be more exxxccciiitteedd.

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  1. You had me fooled with the $12.95 price tag. I'm so proud of your thriftiness. I can't wait to open the tin tomorrow!!!!